Toilet tank filling problems and repairs – Fluidmaster fill valve fix

Toilets have filling, non-filling or slow-filling problems. Toilet filling issues can be caused by a block with debris, leakage, worn parts like seals, water supply line kinks, fill and drain valve issues, or the water level may need adjustment. A toilet is fairly simple, so inspecting the parts can reveal most problems.

Replace a vacuum belt on a Hoover Red Devil Wind Tunnel and Encore Supreme

The most difficult parts of repairing the vacuum is finding the correct belt and removing the cover without breaking the tabs. The internet helps cross-referencing the belt.

First find access to the belt by removing screws and covers, followed by removing and cleaning the beater bar or brush roller, and the surrounding area. Then put on the new belt over the bar and motor shaft. Finally reassemble the beater bar and cover.

Aluminum gutter leak repair using Parbond penetrating sealant by Parr

Parbond is a synthetic rubber penetrating sealant designed for sealing small joints or gaps between metal, glass, masonry and wood.

Parbond is resistant to sunlight and temperature variations. It will seal small joints and cracks up to 1/4″, and still remain flexible. It is versatile, has moderate elongation or compression and dries quickly. Parbond provides weather protection and moisture resistance at various temperatures through evaporation of solvent to temperature extremes of -20°F to 180°F, water, water vapor and air pressure.
Parbond can be used within the opening or as a surface coating over very fine cracks. Typical applications are: miter joints in window or door frames, needle glazing, top dressing over non-dry sealants to avoid dirt pick up. It can be a sealant for rain gutters and downspouts, around automotive windshields and back lights, and for sealing of sinks, tile and ducts in kitchens, galleys, and bathrooms.