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Add a wall hanging laundry tub and standpipe with an air admittance valve

Older laundry tubs drain the washing machine leaving dirt and soap scum stains.

Discharging the rinse water into a standpipe keeps the tub clean. Using an air admittance valve ensures the tub will drain smoothly and gives you a clean-out. And the hanging unit allows for adjusting the height higher or lower, and removes the legs being on the floor.

Sink smells at overflow holes is from mold and bacteria

The bathroom sink can have a bad smell because mildew and mold can grow in the sink’s overflow drain compartment.

This overflow area connects to the drain because of the double wall built to protect from an over-running sink. The overflow connects to the drain in a double walled area that, by design, retains some standing water. The area sometimes gets water, allowing bacteria to grow and stink like sewer gas, a garbage disposal or the toilet.